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Dorothea Photinidis – Internationally trained facilitator for the Work. Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy (TM) Practitioner (ABNLP) Connect2 – The Tad James School of NLP in Cape Town.


My journey with the Work began several years ago. Managing a busy successful business and maintaining a healthy family, I looked happy. Outwardly everything seemed perfect. Inwardly I was a wreck. I had reached a breaking point: feelings of loneliness, deep depression and utter despair were my daily emotions as I endlessly worried about money, my family, my health in general. Frustration turned to anger, rage into guilt. I growled at my staff, my family. The harder I worked to right things in all my relationships, the worse my life became. Then the Work found me!

As I applied it, a surprising yet profound inner transformation occurred. I awoke to the Silence within. My daily inner judge, jury and executioner took permanent leave. A deep inner peace, a joy and freedom never experienced before, healed my heart. I now trust life as I reside in a sense of grace.

Simple yet profound, The Work is a powerful approach that allows us to challenge self defeating thoughts and transform anger, depression and self-judgement into empowering change in our lives. Let joy find you.

I am here to support you in your journey of inner transformation and self-discovery.
Individual sessions offered in person or via Skype contact


mobile: +447593638601

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