Dot’s Work is about

An unquestioned stressful thought, if “believed” is what brings about ALL the stress and trauma ever experienced by one.  No exception.

This site is about Dot’s Work, evolving and expanding during my path to self discovery.  Discovering my authentic Self – is a simple no nonsense narrative and simple exercises of questioning one’s thoughts.

Having spent more than 3 decades in exploratory work and having read hundreds of self help books, I thought I had reached a deep understanding of the Psyche of Man and Life in general.  Then I hit a crisis and watched the unraveling of everything that I held dear.

As friend mentioned Byron Katie’s Work, and upon investigation – it resonated with me.  I started applying the Work in my daily life.  That brought about such a dramatic change within me, a shift in my consciousness. My outlook in life and personal relationships changed.  A change came about that can only be termed miraculous.  I subsequently felt I needed to make this my life’s work.

Rigorous training followed, and the past 9 years through the Schools for the Work of Byron Katie have been such an exciting journey that I now want to share it with the world, with you.

Peace and Happiness are not the goals of this Work – they are the Effects.

Join me in uncovering the hidden Truth of you


The Fear of Death is the Last Smoke Screen for the Fear of Love and THAT is where the Self is disolved – fully consumed as It’s SELF.  (The Phoenix principle).  There is NO SELF in IT –  IT is Pure, Awake, Aware, Fearless.

Self Love !  That is Self Love and That is Connection

Byron Katie


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